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Weddings - Back to the age of chivalry
Wedding Table Music is an essential part of any wedding celebration. Increasingly couples are looking to marry in licensed historic buildings. Choosing appropriate music for the service and the reception will play a big part in providing the perfect atmosphere.
The grace and beauty of medieval and renaissance music makes it perfect to accompany the wedding ceremony.
  Wedding Music


The sound of early music in a castle or historic building creates a wonderful atmosphere, evoking the romance and splendouer of the age of chivalry.
We can advise on music for the ceremony and we have even been known to play arrangements of requested music.
  Costumed Wedding   We can provide authentic fanfares and processional music to formally start the celebrations.
During the wedding breakfast we will play background music and can offer an introduction to medieval dance for the more adventurous guests.
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Wedding Procession   The wide diversity of our music along with the large number of period instruments played, will guarantee a rich tapestry of sound. Whether you are having a themed wedding in a castle or medieval barn or a traditional white wedding, Minstrels Gallery will give you so much more than a string quartet, or classical music trio.   Wedding Cake
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