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Theatre & Media - So, tell me, what is a crumhorn ?

Film & TV

Minstrels Gallery appeared on Sky TV in 2012 in Battle Of The Brides.
Our attention to detail both in our costumes and music, allied with a wide knowledge base of the medieval and renaissance periods, make us an ideal choice for costume drama or consultancy.


Keith Michell


Theatre & Media

Minstrels Gallery are available for live theatre. Our past experience, particularly with Shakespearean actors, our wide repertoire and multi instrument skills, provide a flexible asset to a production.


Sir Peter Hall

Radio & Studio Session Work

Minstrels Gallery are available for a wide range of session work. All of our CDs are recorded and produced in our own recording studio, giving us all a thorough working knowledge of studio session techniques.

Minstrels Gallery regularly broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk and are always available for interview and live studio sessions.

Recording with Jerry Donahue   Dr David Starkey   BBC Radio Norfolk




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