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Concert Programmes for 2015-16

We always aim to make our concerts fun and accessible to a wide audience who may not necessarily have had much experience of live early music. We will try to use most of our 40 different authentic period instruments and provide a running commentary on the music, historical setting and origin of the instruments used.

Minstrels Gallery offer a number of early music concert packages with the following working titles. If you require a concert tailored to a specific event or occasion talk to us as we can most probably put together just what you need.

Minstrels Gallery At Oxburch Hall
"Colourful entertainment covering a great variety of moods with excellent historical background." - Aude Gotto - The King Of Hearts, Norwich
All In A Garden Green
  Taking it's inspiration from the contemplative cloisters of a medieval monastery, the beautiful walled fountain gardens of Renaissance Italy and the Royal palace gardens of Tudor England, All In A Garden Green explores the wonderful range of music that expresses man's delight with the natural world.
The concert consists of music and readings contemporary with the medieval and renaissance period. Medieval motets, Lute songs by Campion, Jones and Dowland, and readings from Romance Of The Rose, Spencer and Shakespeare.
  All In A Garden Green
"It made a magical evening." - Anne Of Cleves House
"A top quality performance full of atmosphere and variety." - Leicester Mercury
Puddings & Pies
Puddings & Pies  

Food and drink played an important part in the medieval world - it didn't just provide sustenance it was also a symbol of wealth and power.
The Elizabethans actually welcomed black and rotten teeth as it demonstrated that they were wealthy enough to afford sugar.
In medieval England to be below the salt was to be "of lesser importance" the nobility of course sitting on the high table where the very expensive condiment took pride and place.
A serving of songs, dance tunes, motets and madrigals to delight the tastes of all that venture forth.

  Minstrels Gallery In St Albans
"Your music was inspiring, spiritual and very seasonal, a most special start to the Christmas season." - Revd Andrew Beane - St Faiths Church
Drive The Cold Winter Away
Minstrels Gallery In Norwich   Drive The Cold Winter Away takes you on a musical journey from the onset of winter through the Christmas celebrations and into the hope of the new year to come.
The Medieval and Renaissance music that accompanies this journey comes mainly from England with a sprinkling of pieces from further across Europe. With readings related to the experience of Winter and the Nativity, Christmas Celebration and Traditions.
  Drive The Cold Winter Away

"A vibrant and polished performance of medieval music." - Felicity Devonshire, St Lawrence's Centre, South Walsham

"You brought enthusiasm and gusto to the music and singing" - St Nicholas Church
Making Medieval Music Minstrels Gallery Instruments
Making Medieval Music   This illustrated concert is ideal for History Societies, Women's Institutes, Music Clubs and anyone with an open minded interest in music and art of the medieval and renaissance.
Looking at the depiction of instruments in medieval art, the use of music in medieval life and manuscripts Tony & Jane perform a wide wariety of music whilst exploring the history and workings of such instruments as the crumhorn, psaltery, gittern and shawm to name but a few !
"An unqualified success, a great concept, beautifully executed and a large and appreciative audience." - Dale Copley - Hungate Medieval Art
"It was such a happy tutorial on early music. Your range of musical instruments is quite astonishing." - Binham Historical Society
If you're a venue trying early music for the first time or regularly book music acts, contact us